Smoked Side Markers (turn signal repeater)

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For its entire life cycle, this coupe’s body style remained almost exactly the same. This is one of the features E31 enthusiasts have come to love and appreciate about this model – rare to be seen, but easily recognized by their owners in the wild.

One of the very few changes that DID come to the E31 body style in 1993 was the DOT mandated orange turn signal blinker. The clean lines of the 8 Series’ front quarter panel was now interrupted by an obnoxious block of orange just in front of the fender’s body molding and your eye immediately goes to it.

Fuuuuglyyyyy to say the least. Well lemons into lemonaide I say! So it’s off to eBay for some smoked repeaters that were still USA legal. In keeping with the notion of being able to reverse this if I didn’t like it, I selected a set of repeaters that would work in the existing hole and wire up to the OEM plug. The hole itself is exactly 3″ wide by 7/8″ tall so be sure what ever lights you buy will work within this size or at least cover it completely.

The lights I chose use a metal spring clip that slides onto the metal fender on the front part of the hole.

The new marker’s male plug had a slightly smaller diameter than the OEM female plug and kept slipping out so I used some heat shrink tubing to keep it plugged in and this has the added side effect of water proofing the connection.
















This set of markers were a little longer than I liked – they went past, and covered up the fender’s black body molding. So I filed them down to fit exactly and re-painted them. I used the OEM rubber gasket which, now that the new lights were re-sized, fit perfectly around the lights. I think they turned out pretty well, don’t you? (Please pardon the dirt…)











Now when you look at the side, all you see is those clean slick lines like before with a side blinker that is more appropriate for the car, and it’s perfectly legal!


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I am an 8 Series nut. In 2009 I restored a '92 850i to peak condition and subsequently sold it - which left me depressed. So I embarked on catching my White Whale: this '95 850CSi Chassis #CD00166. I’m opinionated and swear constantly, but I have friends in spite of myself. I am funnier than my wife realizes. Please tell her. Cheers!
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