Single Stroke Blinker (a.k.a. Comfort Blinker)

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So one of the small but irritating things about our Eights is the age. Missing are the electronic climate controls, side mirror puddle lighting, and other nicities you get with a late model car.

Also gone is the one-touch blinker feature built into just about every car since 2000.

The one-touch turn signal feature enhances functionality for the lazy by adding a mode where all it takes is a single touch of the signal lever to make it blink a pre-determined number of times, usually three times.

Setting out to research this on the Interweb, I once again found myself reading Revtor’s thorough post about the functionality, how to build one and what the parts list was. His complete write up on a DIY module can be found at

But remember, this module is for the lazy and so if you want a similar device pre-built and ready to install, you can find one at

The website is in German, but the module is called Komfortblinker (Comfort Blinker) and comes in a few different editions. The one you need for the E31 is “Standard Version BF-W3”.

This unit is microprocessor based what means it can be smaller and be more advanced. In fact it does offer one extra feature over Revtor’s module. If you tap the lever longer than 0.5s the comfort blinker will be disabled. That way you can still do relatively short blinks. Below is a short video and the module’s manual in case you’re interested in installation prior to ordering or building one.

Single Stroke Blinker




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