Finally Installed My HIDs…WOW!

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After spending several years hemming and hawing over what HID system to install in my Eight, I finally did it. Oh man… WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!!!?

First off, HIDs are freakin’ great! Combined with a Euro programmed LKM I now have the scary bright, infamous ‘Wall of Light’ to find my way on the darkest country roads. I wish I could take my car to the moon and see what total and complete darkness is like when lighted by this setup!

I bought all my stuff from BavToys and Ouri was a lot of help with determining the best setup. (no affiliation, etc). I went slim on all ballasts to make installation easier. Used A/C ballasts on the lows and fogs, D/C on the high beams. The 70w and 55w ballasts are digital and I have no OBC tweaks and have had no OBC errors with the digital ballasts.

  • Low beams got the 70watt BTChrome ballast kit and 5000K H1 bulbs.
  • Fogs are now a 55watt BTX-55W ballast kit with 5000K H1 bulbs.

I wanted everything to be integrated as much as possible, have the ballasts all in one place and be totally reversable if needed. Since all these kits came with their own rubber grommet seals, I thought I would drill new holes in my Euro light cases to emulate the way BMW fed their power into the case.

Then I used the existing grommet to feed the fog lamp power. Just had to slice open a sliver in the rubber and carefully slip the wires through. Minimal invasion and the two new holes can be plugged with their own grommets if I want to take the HIDs out.

The H1 HID lights themselves came with cable leads with standard wire connectors that allowed me to plug them directly into the existing setup inside the light bucket. (I also rebuilt all the internal wiring with a little bigger gauge while I was in there).


So what you end up with coming out of the bucket is a 9005/9006 connector going to the ballast for the power and a HID plug pair (hot & ground) for the light going to the ignitor connected to the ballast.

I did all new headlight adjusters while at it and was careful not to mess with any of the existing adjustments of the individual lamps themselves. All ready for the glass and car installation:

I hid the HIDs (pun intended) under the headlight by first double-sticky taping them together, wrapping with a zip tie and then screwing them into the metal plate that is welded between the front bumper and the lower car frame. And yes, I took everything else out so I could clean it up in there. Looks new, huh?

I had to also get six 9005/9006 cable extensions so that I could have room to hook everything up before lowering the light bucket into place.

To say they’re bright is an understatement. This is taken on a fairly bright day.

Really updates the look of the car I think.

Makes the FTP and driving lights look perfectly lame in comparison. I’m still hunting for adequate replacements for those to match at least the color range of the new HIDs but realize there may not be anything out there. If anyone has a matching bulb suggestion for me I would be in debt of your experience with them. I toyed with the idea of using Angel Eyes too but then we’re talking another 4 ballasts and I’m not convinced it would be worth the trouble.

But if you’re on the fence about installing HIDs, don’t wait another week! After a differential upgrade, this is one of the most fantastic upgrades I can recommend!


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