E31 Gatherings Of The Past

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One of the most enjoyable things about owning this marvelous car, is the variety of owners who share the same enthusiasm. From the die hard, tear down and rebuild guys to the drivers who just love the timeless shape of the 8 Series body and would rather leave repairs to the professionals… everyone is a friend in this community. Even more rewarding is the semi-regular events where we all converge en mass, on a single place for a short time to get together, chat about our common interest and interests outside of the Eight. If you’ve never taken the time to plan on being involved in such an event, you are really missing out. There’s nothing quite like the sight of  lots of Eight Series cars driving up the highway or coming in to park at a winery all in a row. It’s truly a spectacle, and a blast to be a part of. There’s something comforting in getting together with others equally enthusiastic about this car. It’s experiences like these I will never forget.

As of this post, there are a number of opportunities to gather coming up. I hope to see you there!

Since everyone likes pictures, here is a small collection of them I’ve either taken myself or collected over the years. If I used a photo of yours without permission and this offends you, just let me know and I will be happy to give you credit, or remove it promptly.



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I am an 8 Series nut. In 2009 I restored a '92 850i to peak condition and subsequently sold it - which left me depressed. So I embarked on catching my White Whale: this '95 850CSi Chassis #CD00166. I’m opinionated and swear constantly, but I have friends in spite of myself. I am funnier than my wife realizes. Please tell her. Cheers!

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