2011 Clean Car Contest

BMW enthusiasts showed off their amazing cars today at a great venue – Spanish Landing across from Lindburg Field airport. Think of it as a mini-Bimmerfest with the cleanest cars ever. Many e-celebrities were present at the event, as you will see in the pictarz. No less than eight 8 Series were in attendance. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the cars!

Even the exhaust pipes get a good flossing.

Judges inspecting each section.

Lots of conferring over the car.

The interior judge almost whipped out a magnifying glass!

Engine judge using white gloves for inspection.

I even cleaned in places you don’t see.

Under the radiator cover.

First Place Super Clean!

E31 Enthusiast Support

One of the most pleasurable aspects of owning an E31 is the tremendous sense of community from other owners. If you become an owner of one of these fine automobiles, you will find support from a healthy and vibrant community of E31 enthusiasts at BimmerForums.com and 8coupe.com to help you maintain and enjoy your car.

Like flying a jet at night

Every 850CSi features a special instrument cluster with red needles, a 300 kph/180 mph speedometer and a unique tachometer with a graduated redline (to reflect the variable rev limiter). There are also special plates with the “M” logo on both door sills. The U.S.-spec 850CSi is further distinguished by its standard Yew wood trim on the dashboard, front and rear center consoles, door panels and rear side panels. Several other types of wood trim could be ordered as an option in other markets.

Nappa Leather Interior

Black Napa/Lotus White Leather (N4LO). U.S. models do include exterior door handles embossed with “BMW Motorsport” and Extended Yew wood interior trim, both items not normally found on the European-spec version. Unlike other 8 Series models, however, the interior of the 850CSi could also be ordered in several two-tone or “Bicolor” Nappa leather combinations (Black/Dark Silvergray, Light Silvergray/Dark Silvergray, Black/Lotus White) in addition to all Black.

//M Sport Euro mirrors complete the look

European-spec models also feature aerodynamic M rear-view mirrors, while U.S.-spec cars have unique door handles that are embossed with “BMW Motorsport” script.

1989 saw the new kid on the block

As the last E24 rolled off the production line in 1989, its replacement was quick on its heels to fulfill the fantasies of those looking for a touring coupe with all of the luxury, performance, and prestige of a BMW, only now with both 8 and 12 cylinder engine options.

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